Are you serious? Free? Yes indeed. Companies and organizations will sometimes offer their stuff for free in order to promote brand awareness, or to support a cause. Just think, if you got a free sample of some kind of food product and you really liked it, it is possible you will buy more and more in the future.

Will all of these things come if I sign up? No. But most will. We use our best judgement to put up offers that we trust will deliver, unlike other free sites. We are not 100% accurate though as sometimes companies get overwhelmed by sample requests or they just posted a free offer to give their product a little attention. Shame on them. Our advise is that you get a separate email address that you use when you hunt 4 samples.

Free Stickers by Mail

free stickers by mail

Below we have listed a ton of free stickers by mail for those interested.  Some of the stickers support causes, some businesses, and others are just stickers for kids.  For the stickers that you are interested in below, please click the link and fill out the sign up form provided by the company or group giving the sticker.  After you submit your information, check your home mailbox.  Most of these stickers arrive within 4-6 weeks.  Are you interested in free bumper stickers? We post those also.

Skin Care Samples

skin care samples

Both women and men know the importance of comfortable skin, and skin care products are not just about comfort, but beauty as well. Finding the right skin care products can be a time consuming and costly endeavor, luckily there are skin care samples to sign up for. The free offers by mail will cut down on the pile of unfinished jars and tubes of unused products that are taking up too much space! Among the companies that offer skincare samples at times are Eucerin, Origins, Nivea, and Suave. Why do they give you a sample? Because you might just like it!

Free Calendars

free calendars

Sign up for the very latest free calendars by mail or to print!  2016 calendars are available now, for the calendars available by mail just fill out your required mailing address details and wait for them to come.  Please do not leave your mailing address in our comments thread, use the links we provide to access a form for entry. 

Tea Samples

tea samples

Teas serve many valuable health benefits and choosing tea as part of your daily routine instead of other less healthy alternative could even save your life! Among the tea samples listed are black teas, green teas, and fruit teas. Tea companies are more then willing to send out samples of their very shipping-friendly products. Choose some or all of the samples below. Enjoy, and congratulations on making a healthy choice.

Christian Freebies by Mail

christian freebies by mail

See below for all the Christian freebies by mail available now.  From books including Bibles to rosaries and Holy Water to bookmarks, we have all the current free stuff for Christians here.  If you are interested in a particular offer, please click on the link and enter the information required by the group offering the freebie. 

Free Food Samples by Mail

food samples by mail

How nice would it to be to sit there in your comfortable home and just wait to the mailman to bring some free food samples by mail?  The answer is very nice, and realistic too!  Use the links provided to go to trusted websites and fill out their required information.  Please keep in mind, we do not send out the food freebies, we just post the links to the companies offering the free food by mail. 

Shampoo Samples by Mail

shampoo samples by mail

Many of us know how critical it is for the health of our hair to find the right products. With store shelves being loaded with shampoos who really has the money to throw away to try them all? Find the best product for your hair can happen through the free shampoo samples by mail listed below! Find shampoo samples that you are interested in below and click on its link. Simply fill out the form to get yours through the mail!